Thursday, November 8, 2012

When It's Too Cold Out....

The winter storm is beginning to move in.  It has been cold and grey and windy today so, except for a little run (Gus ran, I drove the ATV) to check on the cows, we have been in today.
When it's too cold out to play with your favorite ball

Or herd ants

Or go for a swim

This could happen.

Or this.

Border Collies simply can not matter how  much they want to.

But so far today, The Gus has only eaten 1 log, 2 cat food cans, and his big rope toy.  Tomorrow we will go for a really long run in the snow!

That'll do, for now.


  1. Oh puppies! One memorable day a pup of mine ingested everything on the Gus' list, plus licked fresh paint off the wall and tried to eat a toad. Toad turns out to be a very effective purgative.

    1. Ack! A TOAD! Oh dear. I laughed so hard I cried. Puppies must keep us young, I think.

    2. I love your work. Have tried to leave a comment on your blog, but can't get past the word thingie. Love all the motion!

    3. Thanks for the kind words. Maybe it's time I got rid of the off-putting word thingie. It's always nice to get comments.

  2. Gus. ate. a. sheepie?!? Baaaad Gus ;-).