Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Last of Fall

I love summer.  Usually.  This year I was glad to see it end.  It just got too hot and too dry way too early!  Fall has been wonderful.  But it's almost gone too.

We had nice color this year.  Nothing changes at the same time so the color is spread out and lasts longer.  This first tree started to turn in September.  It arches over the trail to the dam and west meadow.  Often, in the summer, this is the coolest place to be.

I love the way the "arms" show through the foliage, contrasting with the yellows and greens.  

Even into October some of the trees are still green while some are deep gold.  The contrast is wonderful.

The late afternoon sun caught these trees just right.  There are deer hiding in there in the shade and shadows.

Pickles and Gus enjoy a good run in the cooler fall weather.

Our color is gone now, just a month after the last photo was taken and the NWS says that we need to be prepared for a major winter storm that should move into the area tomorrow evening or Thursday.  Perhaps we will have snow photos.

The Gus will keep and eye on things.

That'll do, for now.

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  1. I like tree arms as well. Do you subscribe to The Writer's Almanac? If not, see if you can go back a few days to a willow tree poem. It was nice :-).