Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Umm..Robert, you're kind of a mess.

Robert:  It was those sheep.

What do you mean, "it was the Sheeps".  Please explain.
Robert:  It's too Embarrassing.
Tell me anyway.
Robert:  Okay. Okay!  I was just chasing them away standing there just eating my  our hay. They MOBBED me!  One of them bit me on the nose.  Rosie the llama tripped me and the rest of them threw me down and did sheep leaps all over me.

I'm having trouble believing all of that.  You look way too earnest. 
Robert:  Look at  my nose!  I need the Vet!
Hmm.  Looks to me like you stuck you nose where it didn't really belong, and I'm guessing that you rolled in the mud.

Robert:  I'm sticking to the Sheeps story.


  1. You have me smiling! What a cute post! How did he hurt his soft muzzle?


  2. Um, you wouldn't have instigated all this with some sheep bowling perhaps? ;-)