Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Gus is (still) in training.  We've been doing some leash work to help him remember what he's suppose to be paying attention to (me).  We started along the road and Gus was doing pretty good...walking nicely, not trying to eat every single sheep pellet, sitting, the usual walk on leash sort of stuff.  And then he starts to get all nervous, not paying attention, trying to get in front of me.  We were being followed.  Gus doesn't just like having the sheep behind him, but he isn't terrified of them.

Ummm....uhh, MOM,  horse is sneaking up on us!  We gotta get away!  Maybe I should get in your pocket...the pocket with the treats.  Horse wants to eat me our treats!  

No, Gus.  Horse won't eat you.  Horses don't eat dogs.  Dogs are carnivorous.  Horses aren't.

And if he doesn't try to eat me, he'll try to inhale me!  Have you seen the size of that dude's nostrils?  Have you?  He's like a vacuum with feet!  And once he blew at me!  Made my hair stand up and got horse snot on me!  Nothing should have nostrils that big!

Gus, I promise he won't get you.  I will protect you.  He just thinks that you are a kind of funny looking horse and he really wants to be friends.

You think?  I don't know.  He's pretty dangerous looking to me.  Maybe.  You think the treats are ok?  He won't eat them?  

It's okay Gus.  Remember, YOU are the big fierce stock dog.

Right.  Right.  I got it covered. maybe.

Today when we went out, Gus did much better.  I made him sit right in front of Horse and gave him plenty of treats.  He just is a bit timid of some things.

While I was standing there talking to Gus and Robert and feeding Gus cookies, I was rubbing my hand through Rob's winter coat and felt a little lump.  And another.  ACK!  Ticks!  Should have known.  February always seems so early to start with the spray and wipe.  

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Looks good from up here, Mom.  I've got it covered.

Gus likes to sit on top of the root cellar and "watch".

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gus Is A Size

If you go nosing around in the garbage, eventually some of it will stick.  
The Gus is sound asleep, and completely unconcerned about the evidence stuck to his foot.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Today was the annual shearing at the AA Ranch.  The spinners guild goes to watch, buy fleece, eat, and make new friends.

Woolly butts and woolly faces.

Naked sheeps.




Wool stomping.

Janna keeps the broom busy.

Cortney keeps track of her ewes and paper work.

And, Dillon the Llama makes friends with Sara.

It was a wonderful day.  Thanks  for letting us come Annabel.  We always have a great time.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meals on Wheels

Sheep feeding can get a little chaotic.

Most of the hay is on the ground.  Obviously the "good" hay is still in the trailer.

Umm..Fred, is that dog looking at me?  I can't see through this wool over my eyes.  

Hey. guys!  Elliot found the bag and he says it's got STUFF in it.

Cake!  It's got cow cake!  Okay guys.  Teamwork here.

Man, this smells great!   I'll take the bottom, and Frank, since you're in the trailer, you get that side.  Fred?  Hey Fred!  Are you finding anything in the top?

I know Robert.  Horses have much better manners.  Don't look at me in that tone of voice.  I've got some in my pocket for you.  The bag is empty.  Nothing in there for the sheeps.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Play Time

After the cows are taken care of for the morning, and before Dan can come in and have a cup of coffee, we have to play a little "chuckit".

Pickles doesn't care if Gus has the ball.  The game just makes her smile.

And she has a lot to say. Constantly.  It is her job to talk.  Always.  Loudly.

Unless they have lost the ball.  Then she concentrates.  If she finds it first (she has a much better nose for that sort of thing than Gus) she gets to carry it.  As long and as far as she chooses.

My ball, Gus.  You had it last!

I'll follow you to the ends of the earth, Pickles.  I'm on you like stink on a skunk!  Like quills on a porky.  I get to give it back to Mom.

And we repeat the whole thing until they I'm tired or until..

Pickles raises her right paw and calls time out.  Then we go in, get coffee, and breakfast and lots of sympathy for Pickles and her sore foot which has undergone instant healing at the suggestion of breakfast.  
(She gets a little Bayer  too, but don't tell her).

Saturday, February 9, 2013


I had a really good time yesterday  when I went with Mom to check on the cows.  I ran and ran.  After Mom talked to the cows, I found a snow bank.  I like snow.

It tastes really good after a long run.

But it makes my tongue cold, and  sometimes my tongue  gets stuck. And then...

BRAIN FREEZE! Man, my head got really cold!

After Gus got his brain defrosted we went back down to the river and took some river and dam pictures.

I took the three above a couple of weeks ago.  The first is at our diversion dam for irrigation and the next two are across and up stream.

Next are the photos I took yesterday.  It's a pretty sorry looking river right now.

It has been very warm and dry this winter.  

The snow pack doesn't look very good in the mountains.