Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter, From

Miss Ginny,

the Bunny Sheep.

We had Easter Dinner (ham, not lamb) with family today. 
 I had a chance to speak with Barney.

Barney, a Rocky Mountain Horse, is a fine fellow.  He will tell you as much.

We had a nice chat, and a good scritch, and he demonstrated his prehensile upper lip.  I was truly impressed.  There are no photos of the lip in action because all photos were taken with a fence between us.  Barney would have tried to use his lip to take the camera.  The "lip" is a precursor to the display, and use, of his teeth. Barney nips.  Just to remind that he is worthy of all attention.  I think Barney needs toys.
He has two girls but now he needs something else to occupy his remaining brain. (The extra "boy brain" was removed recently.)I'm thinking that a muzzle (glad I looked that up 'cuz I originally had spelled mussel and I don't think it would have made much sense to someone who can spell) would be a good "toy".
He really is a very fine fellow, if you pay attention to the teeth.

He will tell you so.
I'm thinking that I really like this dude!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I went looking today
to see if I could find
a little bit of green,
some sign of spring.

I looked in the meadow,
and in the trees.

I think these little buds are frozen.
This morning it was 5 degrees!

I looked under the trees,
(carefully lest I be under the tree!)

And up at the rocks

Look closely. 
Can you see her?
She peeks over the edge of the nest
to see who I am.
Eagle Mum knows it's spring!*

And even under a rock.
Not even a slug.

I checked an elm
over on the river bank.

It's little flower buds
are frozen and black.

I found these.
Four little calves,
three little girls

and a boy.

A boy with a problem
I see.

Them girls been messin' with me.
They'v put curlers on my head!

Back at home
the Magpie project
is making progress.

Two new condos.
That makes three.

Spring is here,
I guess.
It just doesn't feel like it
to me!

I'm going to build a fire in the stove:
it's down to 25 degrees!

*This Golden Eagle nest has been here for years and years.  People who have grown up here and now in their late 60's recall seeing it from the highway when they were just kids.  The eagles use it almost every year.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sheep Swarm

I keep trying to get some good sheep photos.  I don't think this is the best way to get the job done.

Rosie was home for a short visit.  She always has to check things out, closely. 

Pink, you have a dirty nose.  

The rest of the gang likes to crowd around.

Checking out Mom's wheels.

Crowding around for attention.

Martha usually stands back a bit.  At least I could get a photo of her.

She'll show us her best side.

I've been watching the sky.  Weather service has been making noise about a storm.

That's what the sky had yesterday afternoon.  This morning we got almost a half an inch of snow.  By 2:00 this afternoon the wind was blowing dust.  It's a little dry.

I did find a tiny common yarrow just starting out of the ground.  Green.  Just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I'm had two nice surprises today.  

In the bottom of a deep, narrow coulee there is a spring that dribbles water part of the year when we've had some moisture.  I was very surprised to find water there today.  It isn't much water,  barely even a Hobbit supply of water, but it's water.  It's muddy too and there are cow tracks which explains why the girls haven't been coming down to the river for water.  It's a wonderful, quiet, greenish sort of spot.  Gus liked it too.

I love the filtered light and the contrasts of light and shadow---and the way the light reflects off the sheep nose smudge on the lens.

When I turned and went down the coulee I found ice.

There was a little frozen water fall!

But, time to climb out of here and go look for the cows.  On the way out I found a cool little leaf,

and an interesting tree root.

The next surprise was a real sign of spring.

"Well hello there!  You must have gotten here late yesterday afternoon.  How are you?"

I'm okay.   Momma says I have ta stay right here!  

Even when Big Orange Auntie Gracie snoofals at me.

Good baby.  You do what your Mum tells you.  And you listen to all the Aunties.  They'll take care of you.

Good surprises today!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


We have been having such strange weather!  Sunday we had a wee mini blizzard here.  South of here, in the Billings area, they had rain, snow, ice and THUNDER.  Go figure.  Mostly we have lots of wind and dust.  

The cows have been off and wandering and they are approaching their due dates.  So, today Gus and I went looking for them.  

We found them up on top of the rim, grazing on last summers grass (they like it better than the hay they've been getting and it's probably better for them) and basking in the sun.

Here we are!  We're coming!  Do you have cake?

Of course I had cake.  And before I could get the cake scattered about so everyone could have some, my camera  had been "cow slobbered" so there are odd smudges and smears on every photo.

This is Margaret, and the cause of my concern today.  Yesterday she was in the hay field with everyone else, but way off by herself, which is what cows do when a calf is near.  In Margaret's case, she was just being aloof.  All is well.  She is starting to make a bit of a bag, but should have some time to go yet.

Gus is keeping a close watch on things, but he is not a happy boy.

They are looking at him and it makes him nervous (and snappish) when they look at him.  I wonder if we will ever develop confidence?! 

It was a beautiful day.  Just a little breeze but warm enough to be comfortable with a sweatshirt and jacket.  And sunny.
I could live with cloudy, though, if the clouds produced something wet.

That isn't much snow pack up there.

Meanwhile, back at the flock...

We met Rosie In The Brush and

Sheep On A Slope.
A very dry, brittle slope.