Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Haying has been progressing, slowly (it always is for me), but progressing. My Guy cut a couple of odd pieces for me yesterday.  I hate taking the swather and tractor into small, odd shaped places.  So he does those for me.  We both thought the thing didn't sound just right when he left but really couldn't locate anything.  I went ahead and made several rounds, plugged the thing up 3 times (odd) and, after the third plug, it made the worst squeal and I quit.  The Guy looked it over this morning and determined that it needs a new sickle head.  Which he may or may not have.  If he doesn't, he has to go to town sometime this week and it might as well be today because we can't hay after the storm yesterday afternoon.

This little rascal showed up just after four o'clock yesterday afternoon.  Evil, wicked looking clouds!  0.36 inches in 25 minutes.  There was some pea sized hail too, and strong wind.  Ryegate, the little community just west of here, really got clobbered!  Trees up rooted, hail damage, power outages..  I was pretty lucky.

The deer flies are just wicked this year.  Big as crows, at least, and very hungry.  Need more bug juice!

The Gus and I met up with 

this guy yesterday morning.  Actually there were 2 of them but I did well to get this, bad quality ,shot.  You can see that the top of his/her head is a bit bare.  Hen pecked?

The day's list is longish.  It's nice out, cool and breezy, so it's a good day to clean barn and sheds.  Laundry, clean(sort of), maybe mow when it dries up, and of course, there is FLEECE.  Fleece may get the most attention.

Rules for Ranch Dogs
by The Gus

As ranch dogs, it is our duty to supervise and help our humans.  I've been helping with the haying.  My job is to guard the 4-wheeler while the human goes around and around the hay field. At first I thought it was going to be running ahead of the swather, but my human explained that it would gobble me up, tail, feet, and...and...my little boy parts!   No worries though.  That thing makes a horrible racket and I'm not going near it!  
The Gus

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July

I've been sitting here, in front of the computer, looking out the east window, watching the sun come up and soaking up caffeine.  It's sunny and breezy right now but with a possibility of heavy rain later in the day.  It rained just enough yesterday to put off baling so I'm hoping that I can get some done before anymore rain.

I got a few bales done on the 3rd and took photos on the fourth.  I use a small round baler that belongs to My Guy.  In a way I miss small squares, but this is more efficient, and easier for him if I have to be away.

My neighbor makes large round bales and uses net wrap instead of twin.  His hay looks really good this year!

This is my smallest, and best field.  There are 4 bales in this photo and I have a long way to go.  Last year I got a total of 4 for all the fields!  Much better this year!

The Gus helps with haying.  Here he is checking the hay barley.  It's getting tall and will be ready to cut soon.

We went to Harlowtown to watch the parade and visit with friends.  

There were some nice old cars and trucks.

This was my favorite.  The story I heard was that these guys belong to a local ranch, but that they are Kentucky bred.  Stunning, large mules!  I want one.  

The Gus is out having the zoomies and can't come in to add to the blog.  He'll be here next time.