Saturday, November 10, 2012

Busy Gus and A Little Storm

Gus was a busy little fellow last night.
Oh Gus...

Yoda, the senior house cat, pretends it hasn't happened.  One towel, the remains of a very old sheep skin, and what's left of the rope toy.

It did finally snow.  We got about 2 inches.  Morning was very grey -very flat light but I didn't get out with the camera. I was out feeding instead.
But we got a bit of sun this afternoon.  Ginny and Lewis came for some corn in their hay.
Ginny is on the left.  Her front legs don't straighten any more than this due to damage from an attack by a dog pack.  Lewis lost his mum the same night.  They came to me 4 years ago.  Ginny should not have lived, but she didn't know that and never showed any indication that she wanted to.  The cold weather makes her stiff and sore so I fix her a bed in the shed and hope that she will stay on it tonight.  

I've scattered a little corn in a pile of Willow Creek hay.

She will share with Lewis.

Lewis is on the left, Ginny on the right.

I love the eyes.

It will be zero or below tonight, I think.  She'll stay warm in the bedding and Lewis will keep her company.

There is a fire in the wood stove and Gus promises to be good.  I will knit.  If I can convince Pickles that I should get the chair.

That'll do, for now.


  1. I think you might need one of these for the Gus: