Monday, November 5, 2012

Ewe's Eye and Llama Lashes

The poor sheeps have been in the barn pen for weeks. Really I shouldn't feel too sorry for them because they do have the option to go to the hay field during the day, but refuse. (Really they are chickens is sheeps cloths.) But we've had some moisture and it's pretty soggy in there, so I opened another gate and let them have half of the corral. They have more room, and I can get down on their level.

Three of the Bad Boy Gang in the lead to check it all out.  Well, except for Tess who never listens to anyone and Mary who wants to check out the gate just in case she can figure out how it works.

What do you think , guys?  Safe to let them in?

Sure.  It's safe.  But keep an eye on that Dog.

 Tess is not interested in watching Gus The Dog.  She is making a bee line for me.

Um, Tess?  Don't you think maybe you're a little close?  
Tess:  Gee Mom.  Just checking to see if it's really you.
It's me, Tess.  Do you need to have your eyes checked?

Oh.  Yes.  I see.  Someone has pulled the wool over your eyes.  I think you need a little trim.

Thank ewe, Tess.  We can see your pretty eye much better when you stand a little further back.  

Rosie Llama had to check out the camera too.

Rosie, this is not your best side.

That's much better.  Now we can admire your lovely llama lashes.

Just as I sat down at my desk, I noticed this.  It's a bit fuzzy due to a little dog game around my feet.

Looking East

Looking West
That'll do, for now.


  1. You are doing a great job with this! Your sheep are lovely and so friendly. Gotta love the close talkers, eh? :-)

    1. Thanks! Gotta watch the ear rings with the close talkers. They steal.