Friday, November 9, 2012

The Storm That Wasn't and A Friend

While many parts of the state have gotten LOTS of snow, we have no snow.  The big storm has missed us here.  At least so far.  I took The Gus for a nice run to the back meadow where we saw...

No snow.  Or leaves.  But we did see one of my friends.  
Golden Eagle
They have a huge nest up on the side of the rims.  I tried to get more/better photos, but this is the best I came up with.

I see that there have been other visitors too.  

The beavers have been busy.  I haven't had any trouble with them for several years.  They returned with in force with the spring floods last year.  I think that they may have been upstream during the winter and family groups have split up and moved downstream.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll go look for their slides.  And when the weather warms up a bit I'll protect some of the trees with wire around their trunks.

Time to curl up next to the fire and knit!

That'll do, for now.


  1. Looks like the beavers are helping you accumulate a supply of firewood. No snow is good, stay warm.

    1. At least we don't have to feed cows yet. That's good!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. A golden eagle?!? Awesome. Beautiful meadow too.