Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From Gus

Mom got me a new toy.  It's nice, but I had to fix it.  She didn't get a picture of it before I fixed it though.

Like it?  

I thought so.  I like it too.  It works better this way.  I'll show you.

I can grab it,  squash it under my chin, kill it, and

I can throw it.  Mom says her camera isn't fast enough to catch Air Gus though.

It's a good toy.

Thanks Mom!

I protected Mom today too.  There was a bunny about 100 yards from where she was splitting wood.  I chased it away so it wouldn't attack her.

Mom has a picture of a bird she wants to show you.  It's a magpie.  She likes them.  I don't.  They try to eat my dog food when I leave a little in case I get hungry later.


  1. Oh Gus. You are a Very Helpful Dog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Oh Gus... ;-) Did not know that magpies had white on them!

  3. HEY! GUS!!! I understand!!!


    Happy Thanksgiving!