Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Going Home

Today was probably our last “shirt sleeve”day for a long while. A major winter storm is headed our way. So it was a good day to bring the last of the cows home. They were coming off summer pasture and going to winter pasture. I met the bunch at the pens and was able to get some shots of them coming in.

Just starting over the top of the hill.

Coming down.

Into the pen.

My Guy and his horse.  And my buddy John.

From here they go through the chute where they get pour on that takes care of internal and external parasites. No photos of that.  I was behind the cows sending them to the chute.

Then out the gate and down the road. They know where to go so we just have to follow along.
It was a perfect morning for moving cows. 

 But already the sky was give little hints of weather change.By 11:00 the wind had come up.  By 2:00 it was overcast and very, very still.
I spent the rest of the afternoon doing last minute "get ready for cold" stuff...wood, tank heaters, draining hoses, and getting sheepy kisses.  There must always be time for the sheeps.

It's still fairly warm at 8:00.  It is supposed to have changed by morning.

That'll do, for now.

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  1. We're not to the draining hoses point yet, but it's gotten close a couple times. Didn't know you had cows too. Nice!