Thursday, November 1, 2012

1 November 2012
The first day of the month. A good time to start something new. I'm not super computer literate but might get better as I go along here.

Today will be short. Just a little introduction to one or two of the gang.

Mary and Martha, bum lambs, arrived here on the same day.  There is a little difference in size!  Martha is wearing the little shirt.  She was so tiny and had some trouble staying warm.  She is still the smallest, but also the most resourceful. Perhaps tomorrow I will get a photo of her sharing breakfast with her horse. Martha is the only one that will squash her fat little body under the gate, walk away from the hay I just put down, and go eat with the horse.

This is Lewis. Baby Lewis.
And this is grown up Lewis.
He's a wonderfully sweet boy, and the worlds biggest chicken.  Terrified of the llama, Rosie.  Made a mad, flying leap through a barn window, stuffed himself under a gate, and worked himself into a lather when I tried to introduce him to Rosie. He lives in a different pasture now with his friend , Ginny. More on Ginny later.

And the final introduction for today, The Gus.
The little one is The Gus on the day he came to live here.  The big guy is Doofus who has gone on and is missed.

Gus is learning about sheep and cows.  With the cows sometimes he's very brave (like when they aren't looking at him, and sometimes not so brave.

Ok.  Enough.  More later.  Maybe about this guy.
Nice kitty.


  1. Ack - Lewis!!! Too stinkin' cute. And the skunk. Love it. We had a skunk who lived in our barn for several years. Never had a run it with it. Must have been a male, never saw any babies.

    Nice start :-D. Add the "follow this blog" thingy, google connect maybe - in "add a gadget" I think. If you need help finding it, let me know. That way, when you do a new post, I'll get an update on my blog roll following list thingy :-).

  2. Go to your "design" view and then click "add a gadget". There is a whole drop down list of fun things you can add. Most are pretty intuitive, but sometimes they can be snafu-y. So, try some you think might be fun and if you have any trouble with them, let me know which ones and I'll try to figure it out :-).