Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Picnic Pests

Sunday was picnic evening.  Our firefighters all came.  Brought the big grill and everything!

Well, not everything.  The clouds and storms stayed east.  It was a wonderful evening for a picnic.

Of course, every picnic comes complete with certain pests.

"Hey, Moms!  Look!  Whats all those peoples doing?"

"They's hasin a party!!  C'mon guys! Lets go.  Maybe we can partys too!"

Hey cows.  Hi calves!  You all want to join us?  Come on over!

"What's we having to eat?  We really like green stuff.  What's that man doing with that hot, smokey thingee?"

He's cooking.  We're having hamburgers.  You know.  Ground beef.

"Did she say "ground beef"? Umm...aren't we beef?  Weez not hungry anymores.  Moms!  We gots to get out of here!"

No one photographed was ground, cooked, or in any way injured in the making of this blog.

Monday, May 27, 2013


I was beginning to think that they wouldn't be here this year.  But Friday morning I looked up on my way to the cows,

"Holy cow, Bert, the traffic is heavy this morning!"
"Morning, Lindy.  Sure is.  And some of those flyers are pretty rude to.  I just witnessed some flight rage.  Some old hen throwing mud at some poor old guy".

"Morning, Bessie!  Sure is nice to be home isn't it?  How's your nest?  Looks like you have quite a bit of rebuilding to do."
"Well hello, Amelia!"  Oh, it's wonderful to be back.  Damage?  Oh, it isn't so bad.  I was wanting to remodel the entry anyway.  Think I'll face it a little more to the east."  I heard that one of the new ladies over in the next colony put hers facing up so the babies wouldn't fall out.  Ha!  It could have gotten pretty wet in there if her neighbor hadn't enlightened her!"
"Oh, here comes Bert.  We'll talk later, Amelia."

"Lindy!  LINDY!  You just quit pestering the neighbors and bring that mud right in here!  You are so embarrassing ---just stop flirting with those girls and pay attention!"  I need that mud right here, right now!"

Oh, Bert, sweetie.  Thank you!  You always know just which mud for I need for each repair.  Now, when you go back to the mud bank, do try to keep an eye on Lindy.  He never gets it right.  He's such a bird brain."

And so the mud slinging goes.  They were still at it this morning.
Meanwhile, back on  earth some people are not nearly so busy this early in the morning.

Well, good morning ladies.  Sleeping in this morning?

"Uh, no. No, not at all!  she's got the camera.  pose and she'll forget that she caught us being lazy!" Just finishing up our early yoga."

Okay.  Sure.  So where are the guys?  They doing yoga too?

Hey! Dude!  Move!  The sun is shinning on your big wooly butt! She'll see us and know that we slept in!"

Morning boys!  You are some lazy sheeps!  You should see what the birds are up to this morning!  They have been busy!

" I'm up!  Morning Mom!  See?  See me?'  I've been up for hours and hours!"

Yes, Lewis.  I see.  My what a lovely big nose you have!  Now, you go keep Miss Ginny company while I go have some coffee.  I've had all the interesting stories I can handle for now.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Flying Fleece

Today was shearing day over at Broadview Alpacas. I love to go help.

Melina had shut everyone in last night (rain).  

Some of the boys helped us gut things set up.

Then we wandered off across the creek to get the girls. There we were greeted by Willow who had managed to get out.(we aren't sure how she did that).  There are no photos of the trek back across the creek to join the boys.  I had the lead alpaca, was promptly passed up by the rest of the girls, and came in last.

It was boys first today.

That little grey fellow.... Buddy....he's my favorite of the boys.  First thing he did was want to rub noses with me and then spit--in my face.  

Check out this guy's eyes!  He has the most beautiful eyes ever!

"Aww geez!  Why do I always forget how bad this tastes?

Hey, man.  That's what you get for spitting at your mates!

Jackie has his own agenda back in the barn.

"AratIsmellarat.   Gonnagetmearat.
"Notimefor photosnow,gottagetmearat!"

Outside, shearing has begun.

A little off the sides.

A little off the tail...

And a little off the top.  

Feels a lot better, doesn't it?

We saved the two best girls for last.

"Arrrrgh. Hruuuumhumph. (spit) Arrrrah"

Why,Raspberry,What a funny looking nose you have!  You say someone stuffed a sock over your nose?  Now, why would that be?  I mean, it isn't like you have a reputation for spitting or anything.

Princess!  You too?  Been socked you say?  Is it because you spit and scream even more than Raspberry?  

It's always fun at Melina's.  I love helping on shearing day.  Today, I think I got spit on the most!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I'm thinking that these two will never learn to get along.

"What llama?  I don't see any llama."

"Forget it fatso.  She sees us.  Now what are we going to do?  Hummmm?  She'll think we like each other."

"Don't get any wild ideas, lady.  I'm just being a good guy and letting that hairy, banana eared Rosie share my grass".

Sure. Right.  What ever you say, Robert.

Later, back at the ranch, sort of,  what do I see?

"Dude, she's caught us again! "

Yup!  Catching a few afternoon rays --together.  Pretty together for a pair that can't stand each other.

"Okay, guy.  Here's the plan.  From where she's at, it'll look like I'm checking your pulse. maybe.  You just fall over on your side, and I'll leap up and make like I'm looking for your attacker."

" Hey Lady!  Boy, and I ever glad to see you!  Horse fainted  and I was just going to come and get you.  Hrummmm.  I thought if he needed mouth to mouth or something...."

Sure Rosie.  You could give him mouth to mouth.  You didn't need to get me.

" Gag!  Not even!  Look at her.  She has GREEN  lips.  GREEN!!"

"I think I'm going to pass out for sure now!"

He's right, Banana Ears.  You have green lips.

"Don't be silly.  Just look into my eyes.."

Sure, Rosie.  Now look what you've done!  You've embarrassed Horse. !  

Hey, Rosie.  Do you remember that Friday is hair cut day?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

River Rising

We've had enough rain so that by yesterday morning the river was rising and the current had gotten more swift.  When I went to check on the hot wire and the cows I found 

cows on the north side of the river. No calves.  Just cows.

They had left the babies behind, on the south side of the river, tucked into the brush.  There really is a baby sitter with them but she is hidden in this view.  

I tossed two sticks into the river for Gus and then we started back to the 4-wheeler on the trail.  Just as we got there I heard something behind us.

Hey, can we come play with you?  Can Gus come play?  Our Mums left us and we've just had the best time.  Hey, Gus!  Come get us!

All ten of them and Abby, the baby sitter, following along behind us.

Aww, darn!  Who told the Moms?  Just when we were having a great time!

And their Moms hot on their tails.  The reason they had to cross the river and leave the babies behind was, according to  Gail (the red cow), that they were starving on the south side of the river and wasn't I glad that they had left the babies instead of making them swim the river.  What really happened is that they wanted a break from the kids and left them with Abby, telling them some big story about river monsters.

We did just have the bestest time.  Aunt Abby is the greatest baby sitter!


we won't tell the Moms, cuz then they won't let Aunt Abby baby sit anymore!

Didn't bother the little ones.  They thought it was lots of fun to stay with Aunt Abby and escape from their overprotective Mums!

On the way home I spotted this guy in the hay barley.  Gus was busy "reading the paper" and didn't see him.

The sheep were out having a bit of breakfast on the hillside.

Tess is undercover as a lion this year.  She had the best tail for it.

All in all, it's looking spring-ish!