Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hay! Sort of

Finally!  I started cutting hay yesterday.  The weather forecast is for hot and dry.  I only cut one field at a time, let it get a good start on drying and then cut the next.  So, I got my best field down yesterday.  

I took the photos this morning, early.  It doesn't look too bad for the rain, so if it stays dry for several days, we'll be good.   I love my tractor, by the way.  The air conditioning always works (to some extent) and the heater never does :)!
Sever thunderstorms are forecast for tonight.  Hmmmmm.

Gus needs to work with the sheep, but it's been too warm to work sheep.  He goes to the hay field with me and was just wiped out last night, before the thunder started.  Poor guy.  Now it's trying to thunder again and he is sitting in a panting, nervous bundle under my desk.

Gus has a wee bit of wisdom to pass on to you this evening.  Summer days can be very busy. "But," The Gus says, "take time out every day to

smell the roses (or yucca)."


  1. That is one awesome hay field, hope it doesn't rain on it. Last stack I bought was damp in the middle of the bales and now it is starting to look ugly. But I go thru so many bales it will be gone before I know it. I am so jealous of your beautiful green field.

    1. Thank you! Most of the time it doesn't look this good. I have one more, slightly larger, field of the same grass hay ( orchard grass, brome grass, some other grass, some alfalfa and clover), one little one of un-irrigated alfalfa that is pretty short, and a couple of small fields of hay barely. I am so hoping that I can get it all up while it's green. Doesn't happen often. Last year was so dry I got all of 4 small round bales off the whole thing. The year before I got lots of bales but the quality was bad due to cool temps and major flooding. There's a reason that this is called "next year country"! :)

  2. Oh, I hope the storms miss you! The fields look great and so does that lovely Farmall. Here's hoping for good hay, good yields, good weather and GOOD LUCK!

    1. Thanks. The weather is supposed to be hot and dry now for several days so I'm hoping to bale this piece on Wednesday.

  3. I hope the weather stays dry for you.
    We just started making hay this year (someone else bales it for us) but I worried the whole time it was on the ground hoping it didn't get rained on!

  4. Magic thoughts for you and your hay! I understand just how VITAL good haying weather is. Your field is looking really good. The really nice thing about grass hay is you don't have to wait for dew to bale. :)

    Your yucca bloom is HUGE!

    Happy Tuesday!