Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We have been having a bit of a spell of cool and wet weather.  It just all got to be too much for The Gus.  The wind was ferocious.  It was enough to blow a fellow right off his feet.  So,

he gave up, tried fixing his bed in his crate, gave that up, and dragged it out of the crate, arranged it near my chair, and took a long nap.

By the time we went out this morning the wind had gone elsewhere, and we had a cloudy but nicer early morning run.

Most of the early blooming shrubs have and it's been very fragrant here.  Chokecherries, apples, currents.  But this always waits a little longer, is tucked sort of under other brush, and always surprises me.  I love it.  Honeysuckle.  A couple of them bloom pink.

Gus found something fragrant too.

We were headed to the hay field where I have a problem.

A huge patch of Canada Thistle.  I've been working on it some every day it's fit to get out there.  Yesterday was way too windy.  Gus keeps an eye on "things"  while I pull weeds.
And today, because he was just a little stinky, I took him to the pond for a quick swim.  Just as we were leaving I saw something in the top of a little tree.  Another cool surprise!  I couldn't see it very well, but zoomed up with the camera  and got a couple of shots.

Something new and unusual, I was pretty sure.

And, I got a very nice, but ordinary, red winged black bird.

Perhaps tomorrow will be more productive.

In the mean time, Gus feels that he needs to start adding a note or two for the K-9 readers.  It will also appear on my FB page.

Rule #1.  Always role in the "good stuff".  It might be enough   
                  to get your person to take you for a swim.  If not, at 
                 least you get to smell really good for the rest of the        
                 day.Understand, though, that your people might          
                not think much of your perfume.


  1. He is a cute dog! Fuzzy and Boomer LOVE THE GOOD STUFF ALSO!