Thursday, June 6, 2013


There has been a shortage of sheep shots lately.  But, finally yesterday morning I was able to get some--sort of.

There are some problems with taking photos of sheep.

Look!  The lady has the camera!  I bet there might be cookies!  Lets go!

C'mon, llama.  We better go check this out.  Might be food.

'Skuse me sheeps.  I need to get up here and check things out.  You know, get the first cookie make sure that it's safe.  Dog might be there.

Umm, Robert, you're sort of blocking the lens.  No, there are no cookies, and no, Dog is not with me.  He's up there.

But, I think I need him here....for protection!

Hey, anysheep know how to start this thing.  We could go GET cookies!

Every time I try to get sheep shots, I get mugged!

Gus's Rules for Ranch Dogs
2.    The farm/ranch cats have a job to do too.  Be nice.  They 
         have sharp feet.
        Be VERY careful of the black kitties with fluffy tails and 
        white stripes.  Stand WELL back and just let your       
        people know that they are near by.  DO NOT TRY TO  
        KISS THESE KITTIES.    DO NOT   APPROACH !!  just trust 
              me on this one.


  1. I have that problem with my horse. Thankfully, I have NEVER had that problem with a dog!

  2. OH YES!!! You are so right!! Fuzzy has never tried to visit with those cats...but I have! GROSSSSSSS!!!

    Sorry, Gus! Pat on your back with my paw...that green stuff they shoot at you is terrible!