Saturday, June 1, 2013


Mom is letting me write the blog today.  It has been so rainy and so WINDY for days and days.  But, this morning the sun chased all (well, at least the wet ones) the clouds and it was sunny and we had a great morning run.

After we went to the west fence, we came back and went to the hay field and went all around it until we were at the very lowest end.  There is a terrific pond there.  I just knew something was there this morning.  

"Mom, you better stay back.  It might be dangerous!  I'll protect you."

Isn't the sun just wonderful?  But, I can't let myself get distracted.  I'm sneaking up on the swamp and what ever is there.

Shhh!  We gots to be quiet now.  Don't want it to know we're here.      pant, pant
I don't see it yet.

But I knows that it's here.  I can sense it with my powerful Border Collie nose.  Shhhhh!  Don't makes any noise!

I thought I saw something over there.........

Nope.  See my ears?  I'm sneaking.........

There!  Did you see?  It just peeked out!  I'm going for it!

'K.  Got to be quiet again.       See how I sneak around?  And I look away so it won't see me.  If I look at it, then it'll see me   (n probly eat me)

I'm right on the edge of the water.  I just looks into the brush and pretends I'm looking for something in there.  But, I has my ear on it.........get ready now.....

See?  This is where I slip silently into the water and pretend to be an invisible alligator.

I'm staring at it with my super powerful, hypnotic, Border Collie eyes.  It's frozen in terror!

CHOMP!  See that?  I gots it!  In one quick chomp!  
What?  Hero, you say?   

Shucks.  Naw.  It's nothin.  Just all in a mornings work.  Gots to keep Mom safe.

Now, if I could just do something about those noisy, pin headed, pea brains.


  1. Replies
    1. That's what he says too. The boy crawls into his crate and falls into an exhausted heap in the evening.

  2. Replies
    1. We will never know for sure. I'm guessing a frog or toad. But then...... this is the same dog that had to go sneaking up on a large weed he hadn't noticed before, and the same dog that went ballistic over a rock...yup a rock. I think he needs glasses!

  3. You had me going -- I wasn't seeing anything - thank Gus for the adventure and keeping you safe

    1. This morning he was spooked by ......a deer. He really is a timid fellow. But covers it with bluster and raised hackles.

  4. What a cute pup! He really is trying hard to get it all together and be a GREAT a few more months he will BE there!