Monday, June 10, 2013

Hot Cat

Yoda is the senior cat here.  I don't remember how old, but he's been around for a long time.  And what old man wouldn't like a little sun and dust bath.

Ahh.  This feels so good!  I need to get warm dust all over!

Wait!  What's that following me?  Oh, right.  My tail.  

Boy, that makes an old cat feel just like a kitten.  

See ya around, Yoda.
Right.  See ya later, Max.

Rules For Stock Dogs
by The Gus

Now, as long as we are on the subject of things that kick, we better talk about Horse.
If you think Horse has big teeth, just take a look at his feet!
It is considered to be in bad form to chase/heel/herd Horse.
But, even worse is to do any of those things when Horse appears to be kidnapping your Human.  I  know, I know.  It's a hard concept to understand.  But, Horse is actually going where your person tells him to go.  Horse will bring your human back and if you behave, you will get to go along.
Just don't get under/near that critters feet!

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  1. You hang in there, Gus! I used to go with my people and the horses all the time. I just trotted alongside and went where they went. If there were cows to move along....then I moved over and help shuffle them back to the place where the humans is.

    You'll get the hang of's lots of fun!

    Working with your human and the horse!