Saturday, June 8, 2013


The things small towns can come up with for entertainment! It's testicle festival time and that's happening just up the road.  Not my thing.  We started out at the flea-market in Ryegate this morning but ended up in Harlotown this afternoon to see some logging demonstration.

This man and his wife competed in logging sports (he said that was before kids) at one time.  He started cutting fence posts when he was 12 and said that once you get sawdust in your blood, it's pretty hard to get it out.  He's been logging ever since.

This is a spring board, used for getting high enough to cut the tree at just the right point (we're talking cross cut saws).

These are two of his cross cut saws.  The shorter one is used for felling, the longer one for....for....(there is a word but it just left) cutting the tree into lengths.

He had a couple of old chain saws that he hasn't gotten running yet.  This is a Mall.  I picked it up.  Weighs a TON!  I'll keep my Stihl, thank you very much.

This is his racing saw (who knew?) and it is a Stihl which I think he said he sort of modified for competition.

I love this photo.  

And now for the really good stuff.

This guy and his wife cut through that log in nothing flat!
They raced later with a chain saw.  The cross cut saw won by a mile!

Here is the next generation getting set up.  The young man on the left has done this a couple of times in the past.  The one on the right has never done it.  

It took a little longer, but they set a rhythm, stuck to it and ..there it goes!

And then the battery in the camera died.

Rules For Ranch Dogs
By Gus

There is a difference between herding and heeling.We heel cows.  Carefully.  You want to be close enough to nip if need be, but not so close that you get tipped ass end over tea kettle. (I made that mistake once).  Cows kick.  

Now, if the cow turns around and starts pawing up realestate and blowing snot you have two choices.  Crouch, bark, stare and hold your ground.  She'll probably give it up  and turn tail.  But if she doesn't or you just can't face her---
get up on the four-wheeler and protect it for all your worth.


  1. Do they REALLY have a "testicle festival"? Is that like a "Rocky Mt. Oyster" feed? Ug.

    That IS a great action shot you captured!

    1. Yes it is. And they might be good if they were from calves and fried crispy. but they are from bulls and you're right. Ug..and it's kind of a drunken sort of gathering. Not fun.

  2. Great shots. Interesting that the crosscut saw was faster than the chain. Am loving all of Gus's rules :-D.