Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catching Up

Good Grief!  I has been busy here and I've gotten rather further behind than I thought.

Rosie and Horse have been coming back up to the house in the late afternoon and spending the night here.

Rosie has spent SO much time guarding that Horse, and those goofy woolie things.  She is just EXHAUSTED in the morning.  At least that's her story.
(I found her standing in the middle of the road, yesterday morning, turning,slowly, in a circle.  She was looking for Horse who was still "in bed".  We won't tell her that I saw that.)

Last Thursday we had a storm.  

This is the best cloud picture I was able to get.  There had been a tornado spotted off that way, but I couldn't see much from here.

Lots of lightning and thunder which sent The Gus straight into the bathroom and into the bath tub.  And then the hail started.  Not just a few little introductory pings.  It came as a sheet.  I took the above picture through the screen door--not brave/foolish enough to stick my head out.

The road was solid white in just a minute.

This is my favorite "during the storm" photo.  It's let up quit a bit by this time.

And then we get the wonderful, golden, post storm light and  a rainbow!

Rules for Ranch Dogs
By The Gus

Do not get caught stealing  sampling the cat food.  Especially more than once on the  same morning.  And, don't try to blame the other dog unless you are certain that your human didn't see you.


  1. Tanner hides in the bathtub during storms too. What is it with Border Collies and bathtubs?:) Lovely photos.

    1. My last BC did the same thing. How do they know that tornado watches are up and that the best place to be is in the bath tub?

    2. Ton hides under the stairs which is a rather close closet space, Boo on the other hand lies on his back on the verandah with his legs in the air fast asleep! big Dog will be nowhere at all, gone to ground. Dogs and storms! Lovely images i also like the one of the duck in the storm! what a lot of hail, your garden must have taken a beating.. celi

  2. Great series of shots. Beautiful rainbow :-). LOVE the rules. You are going to do a little book, right??? You should!

    1. I'll talk to The Gus about it. He usually isn't allowed to touch the keyboard, but we could make an exception. I worry about him surfing the net. He might end up in some racy girl dog chat room!

  3. Love the rainbow!
    I am more than a little scared of storms. I usually hit the basement!

    1. I used to be afraid of storms, when I was little. I don't know what changed that. But I really have to work at making myself go indoors and quit watching lightning!

  4. After the storm is the wonderful light....and rainbows! Oh, thank you for sharing. You are looking nice and green there.