Monday, May 27, 2013


I was beginning to think that they wouldn't be here this year.  But Friday morning I looked up on my way to the cows,

"Holy cow, Bert, the traffic is heavy this morning!"
"Morning, Lindy.  Sure is.  And some of those flyers are pretty rude to.  I just witnessed some flight rage.  Some old hen throwing mud at some poor old guy".

"Morning, Bessie!  Sure is nice to be home isn't it?  How's your nest?  Looks like you have quite a bit of rebuilding to do."
"Well hello, Amelia!"  Oh, it's wonderful to be back.  Damage?  Oh, it isn't so bad.  I was wanting to remodel the entry anyway.  Think I'll face it a little more to the east."  I heard that one of the new ladies over in the next colony put hers facing up so the babies wouldn't fall out.  Ha!  It could have gotten pretty wet in there if her neighbor hadn't enlightened her!"
"Oh, here comes Bert.  We'll talk later, Amelia."

"Lindy!  LINDY!  You just quit pestering the neighbors and bring that mud right in here!  You are so embarrassing ---just stop flirting with those girls and pay attention!"  I need that mud right here, right now!"

Oh, Bert, sweetie.  Thank you!  You always know just which mud for I need for each repair.  Now, when you go back to the mud bank, do try to keep an eye on Lindy.  He never gets it right.  He's such a bird brain."

And so the mud slinging goes.  They were still at it this morning.
Meanwhile, back on  earth some people are not nearly so busy this early in the morning.

Well, good morning ladies.  Sleeping in this morning?

"Uh, no. No, not at all!  she's got the camera.  pose and she'll forget that she caught us being lazy!" Just finishing up our early yoga."

Okay.  Sure.  So where are the guys?  They doing yoga too?

Hey! Dude!  Move!  The sun is shinning on your big wooly butt! She'll see us and know that we slept in!"

Morning boys!  You are some lazy sheeps!  You should see what the birds are up to this morning!  They have been busy!

" I'm up!  Morning Mom!  See?  See me?'  I've been up for hours and hours!"

Yes, Lewis.  I see.  My what a lovely big nose you have!  Now, you go keep Miss Ginny company while I go have some coffee.  I've had all the interesting stories I can handle for now.


  1. Holy moly!!! What are those? That's AWESOME!!!

    1. They're Cliff Swallows. I get the Barn Swallows here at the house too, but I really like the Cliffs. And that is just one colony. It's just WILD when they're feeding babies. :) I love it.

  2. I love cliff swallows. The Barn Swallows are all over the house, and the cliff swallows have arrived in the canyons! I love your stories!!!


  3. Wow, love the nest and bird pics. I have never seen those before!!