Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shearing Miss Ginny

Miss Ginny is a difficult sheep to shear.  Nothing to do with her personality, but with her physical limitations.  She has frozen joints on her front legs.

Hey! People!  There is wool on my nose and my bare backside is showing.  Get rid of the paparazzi!

Shannon does her best to work quickly and carefully.  She has to be a little creative with positioning but we aren't fussy.

We have lots of good help.

Melina helps hold a leg.

I feel a draft!
Why does blogger want this photo to be sideways? 

The whole thing gets Miss Ginny pretty upset so I try to sooth and reassure her.

Almost done.


Meet Shearer Shannon.

She whispers sweet nothings in their ears and I think I heard her singing little songs to some of the sheep.  We all think she's great.


  1. Woman to woman....I think a female sheep shearer would know just how to do it so the girls will feel safe!