Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's Wet

It has been raining and no one is complaining!  It was a bit muddy moving cows yesterday.

It was my guys cows getting re-located.  Here they are starting to bunch up.  I can't handle the rough terrain in the pasture with my ATV so I met them at the gate.

Once they get bunched at the gate, he'll open it and off we go, trying to keep the girls on the road and out of the neighbors wheat.  It is really muddy.

The road is worse than it looks and the wheat strips  will  suck off your boots.

This is the first time Gus has gotten to do this.  He takes his job very seriously.  Especially the part about cleaning all the manure off the road

He's getting the idea.  Got kicked twice but held his ground. There's hope for the boy.

Beyond this point I was too busy watching Gus, the mud, the men, and the cows to take photos.  By the time I got home the camera was a muddy mess.  So was I and Gus was hard to identify.  He loved it!


  1. So glad you are getting needed rain!

  2. I'll bet he did! Dog Heaven! Mud, cows and MANURE!!!


    Glad for your rain!!!!