Friday, May 24, 2013

Flying Fleece

Today was shearing day over at Broadview Alpacas. I love to go help.

Melina had shut everyone in last night (rain).  

Some of the boys helped us gut things set up.

Then we wandered off across the creek to get the girls. There we were greeted by Willow who had managed to get out.(we aren't sure how she did that).  There are no photos of the trek back across the creek to join the boys.  I had the lead alpaca, was promptly passed up by the rest of the girls, and came in last.

It was boys first today.

That little grey fellow.... Buddy....he's my favorite of the boys.  First thing he did was want to rub noses with me and then spit--in my face.  

Check out this guy's eyes!  He has the most beautiful eyes ever!

"Aww geez!  Why do I always forget how bad this tastes?

Hey, man.  That's what you get for spitting at your mates!

Jackie has his own agenda back in the barn.

"AratIsmellarat.   Gonnagetmearat.
"Notimefor photosnow,gottagetmearat!"

Outside, shearing has begun.

A little off the sides.

A little off the tail...

And a little off the top.  

Feels a lot better, doesn't it?

We saved the two best girls for last.

"Arrrrgh. Hruuuumhumph. (spit) Arrrrah"

Why,Raspberry,What a funny looking nose you have!  You say someone stuffed a sock over your nose?  Now, why would that be?  I mean, it isn't like you have a reputation for spitting or anything.

Princess!  You too?  Been socked you say?  Is it because you spit and scream even more than Raspberry?  

It's always fun at Melina's.  I love helping on shearing day.  Today, I think I got spit on the most!


  1. I love their eyes! They so so beautiful! I would love helping also...who cares if they spit...I would love to see them! The sock idea is perfect!


  2. Replies
    1. And they don't SPIT. Although I think I have a couple of sheep that would like to learn! :)