Sunday, May 19, 2013

River Rising

We've had enough rain so that by yesterday morning the river was rising and the current had gotten more swift.  When I went to check on the hot wire and the cows I found 

cows on the north side of the river. No calves.  Just cows.

They had left the babies behind, on the south side of the river, tucked into the brush.  There really is a baby sitter with them but she is hidden in this view.  

I tossed two sticks into the river for Gus and then we started back to the 4-wheeler on the trail.  Just as we got there I heard something behind us.

Hey, can we come play with you?  Can Gus come play?  Our Mums left us and we've just had the best time.  Hey, Gus!  Come get us!

All ten of them and Abby, the baby sitter, following along behind us.

Aww, darn!  Who told the Moms?  Just when we were having a great time!

And their Moms hot on their tails.  The reason they had to cross the river and leave the babies behind was, according to  Gail (the red cow), that they were starving on the south side of the river and wasn't I glad that they had left the babies instead of making them swim the river.  What really happened is that they wanted a break from the kids and left them with Abby, telling them some big story about river monsters.

We did just have the bestest time.  Aunt Abby is the greatest baby sitter!


we won't tell the Moms, cuz then they won't let Aunt Abby baby sit anymore!

Didn't bother the little ones.  They thought it was lots of fun to stay with Aunt Abby and escape from their overprotective Mums!

On the way home I spotted this guy in the hay barley.  Gus was busy "reading the paper" and didn't see him.

The sheep were out having a bit of breakfast on the hillside.

Tess is undercover as a lion this year.  She had the best tail for it.

All in all, it's looking spring-ish!


  1. Good the calves had a great babysitter and you didn't have to retrieve them back across the rive, sheep look happy in green grass. Pheasant is so handsome strutting his stuff.

  2. You are so right...there is always a babysitter cow and it is the one who loves all the calves the best. Your rain is starting to green things up!

    Looking good!

    We haven't had any pheasants here in a long time...I blame the coyotes. As we don't allow hunting on the property. Because people have no respect.