Thursday, March 7, 2013


We have been having such strange weather!  Sunday we had a wee mini blizzard here.  South of here, in the Billings area, they had rain, snow, ice and THUNDER.  Go figure.  Mostly we have lots of wind and dust.  

The cows have been off and wandering and they are approaching their due dates.  So, today Gus and I went looking for them.  

We found them up on top of the rim, grazing on last summers grass (they like it better than the hay they've been getting and it's probably better for them) and basking in the sun.

Here we are!  We're coming!  Do you have cake?

Of course I had cake.  And before I could get the cake scattered about so everyone could have some, my camera  had been "cow slobbered" so there are odd smudges and smears on every photo.

This is Margaret, and the cause of my concern today.  Yesterday she was in the hay field with everyone else, but way off by herself, which is what cows do when a calf is near.  In Margaret's case, she was just being aloof.  All is well.  She is starting to make a bit of a bag, but should have some time to go yet.

Gus is keeping a close watch on things, but he is not a happy boy.

They are looking at him and it makes him nervous (and snappish) when they look at him.  I wonder if we will ever develop confidence?! 

It was a beautiful day.  Just a little breeze but warm enough to be comfortable with a sweatshirt and jacket.  And sunny.
I could live with cloudy, though, if the clouds produced something wet.

That isn't much snow pack up there.

Meanwhile, back at the flock...

We met Rosie In The Brush and

Sheep On A Slope.
A very dry, brittle slope.


  1. A lot of people won't put their dogs on cattle until they are 3-4 years old. My Tanner was shy of cows until he was nearly 3, but gained a lot of confidence after that. You have to be real careful that they don't get frightened before that.

    I sure hope you get some rain soon. It looks terribly dry.

  2. Oh, boy, you really are dry! I'm sending Magic thoughts your way for lots and lots of moisture!