Sunday, March 24, 2013


I went looking today
to see if I could find
a little bit of green,
some sign of spring.

I looked in the meadow,
and in the trees.

I think these little buds are frozen.
This morning it was 5 degrees!

I looked under the trees,
(carefully lest I be under the tree!)

And up at the rocks

Look closely. 
Can you see her?
She peeks over the edge of the nest
to see who I am.
Eagle Mum knows it's spring!*

And even under a rock.
Not even a slug.

I checked an elm
over on the river bank.

It's little flower buds
are frozen and black.

I found these.
Four little calves,
three little girls

and a boy.

A boy with a problem
I see.

Them girls been messin' with me.
They'v put curlers on my head!

Back at home
the Magpie project
is making progress.

Two new condos.
That makes three.

Spring is here,
I guess.
It just doesn't feel like it
to me!

I'm going to build a fire in the stove:
it's down to 25 degrees!

*This Golden Eagle nest has been here for years and years.  People who have grown up here and now in their late 60's recall seeing it from the highway when they were just kids.  The eagles use it almost every year.


  1. It was great to join you on your search, what a great series of photos. I sure hope Spring gets here soon for all of us and brings some rain your way.

    1. Hope it warms up for you too! Tell Ramsey to think warm thoughts.

  2. Wow, a Golden Eagle nest! That would almost be worth all that brown!

    1. I love keeping an eye on it. I just wish I could look into it from above. But that requires getting down on your belly, hooking one foot around a fragile juniper and hanging you head over the edge of the rim. NOT the sort of thing I would care to do!

  3. Your post was just outstanding! Maybe by this weekend you will start to warm up. I hope you get lots of spring rains...sure should help with the dry!