Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I'm had two nice surprises today.  

In the bottom of a deep, narrow coulee there is a spring that dribbles water part of the year when we've had some moisture.  I was very surprised to find water there today.  It isn't much water,  barely even a Hobbit supply of water, but it's water.  It's muddy too and there are cow tracks which explains why the girls haven't been coming down to the river for water.  It's a wonderful, quiet, greenish sort of spot.  Gus liked it too.

I love the filtered light and the contrasts of light and shadow---and the way the light reflects off the sheep nose smudge on the lens.

When I turned and went down the coulee I found ice.

There was a little frozen water fall!

But, time to climb out of here and go look for the cows.  On the way out I found a cool little leaf,

and an interesting tree root.

The next surprise was a real sign of spring.

"Well hello there!  You must have gotten here late yesterday afternoon.  How are you?"

I'm okay.   Momma says I have ta stay right here!  

Even when Big Orange Auntie Gracie snoofals at me.

Good baby.  You do what your Mum tells you.  And you listen to all the Aunties.  They'll take care of you.

Good surprises today!


  1. Excellent surprises! Your first calf of the year!

    Delightful...I so love cows!


  2. Awww - and I thought the frozen waterfall was going to be the highlight :-).