Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter, From

Miss Ginny,

the Bunny Sheep.

We had Easter Dinner (ham, not lamb) with family today. 
 I had a chance to speak with Barney.

Barney, a Rocky Mountain Horse, is a fine fellow.  He will tell you as much.

We had a nice chat, and a good scritch, and he demonstrated his prehensile upper lip.  I was truly impressed.  There are no photos of the lip in action because all photos were taken with a fence between us.  Barney would have tried to use his lip to take the camera.  The "lip" is a precursor to the display, and use, of his teeth. Barney nips.  Just to remind that he is worthy of all attention.  I think Barney needs toys.
He has two girls but now he needs something else to occupy his remaining brain. (The extra "boy brain" was removed recently.)I'm thinking that a muzzle (glad I looked that up 'cuz I originally had spelled mussel and I don't think it would have made much sense to someone who can spell) would be a good "toy".
He really is a very fine fellow, if you pay attention to the teeth.

He will tell you so.
I'm thinking that I really like this dude!


  1. Hoppy Easter :-D That is quite a fleece!

  2. What is that an fluffy sheep or what! And Barney...ah, Barney...he is beautiful! I can see the wind was blowing...wind ever the wind.

    Happy Easter!