Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Gus is (still) in training.  We've been doing some leash work to help him remember what he's suppose to be paying attention to (me).  We started along the road and Gus was doing pretty good...walking nicely, not trying to eat every single sheep pellet, sitting, the usual walk on leash sort of stuff.  And then he starts to get all nervous, not paying attention, trying to get in front of me.  We were being followed.  Gus doesn't just like having the sheep behind him, but he isn't terrified of them.

Ummm....uhh, MOM,  horse is sneaking up on us!  We gotta get away!  Maybe I should get in your pocket...the pocket with the treats.  Horse wants to eat me our treats!  

No, Gus.  Horse won't eat you.  Horses don't eat dogs.  Dogs are carnivorous.  Horses aren't.

And if he doesn't try to eat me, he'll try to inhale me!  Have you seen the size of that dude's nostrils?  Have you?  He's like a vacuum with feet!  And once he blew at me!  Made my hair stand up and got horse snot on me!  Nothing should have nostrils that big!

Gus, I promise he won't get you.  I will protect you.  He just thinks that you are a kind of funny looking horse and he really wants to be friends.

You think?  I don't know.  He's pretty dangerous looking to me.  Maybe.  You think the treats are ok?  He won't eat them?  

It's okay Gus.  Remember, YOU are the big fierce stock dog.

Right.  Right.  I got it covered. maybe.

Today when we went out, Gus did much better.  I made him sit right in front of Horse and gave him plenty of treats.  He just is a bit timid of some things.

While I was standing there talking to Gus and Robert and feeding Gus cookies, I was rubbing my hand through Rob's winter coat and felt a little lump.  And another.  ACK!  Ticks!  Should have known.  February always seems so early to start with the spray and wipe.  


  1. Sheesh I hate ticks. They are one of my least favourite things.

    Just be glad Gus has a healthy respect for horses. Mika had to go from "Horses have hooves; hoofed animals are for herding!" to "Oooookay, I'll ignore them"

  2. I am SO glad ticks are not a problem here! We had them in MN; ICK.

  3. Replies
    1. It isn't unusual for ticks to show up in Feb. here. I'd think that the nasty little critters would be too cold to move. It seems to be worse in the sage brush. If the horse has them, the sheep do too:(. And I'll get them when I'm out with the sheep. So I have to start with the spray for the horse, and on my boots and pant legs. I hate having to use "bug juice". But not as much as I hate ticks!

  4. TICKS!!! Already? I'm always surprised that they can come out when it's still so cold! I HATE ticks!