Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Color of Winter

Sometimes life just gets in the way.  So I don't always get done everything I wish to get done.  Which is why it's been awhile.

I was out taking pictures several days ago and wishing for spring colors.  But, if I look, I can find lots of nice winter colors.

The sandstone has such interesting holes.  I'm guessing that the holes are from hundreds of years of water and wind.  The colors must be the result of  minerals in the water and in the stone.

These are the dried blossoms on one of the varieties of sage brush.

Red dogwood stands out even on a grey, flat day.


  1. Pretty, pretty. Do animals live in the rocks?

    1. Sometimes. I get brave once in a while and try to look. Last summer something growled back at me!

  2. Red dog wood is such a gift in the winter!