Saturday, February 9, 2013


I had a really good time yesterday  when I went with Mom to check on the cows.  I ran and ran.  After Mom talked to the cows, I found a snow bank.  I like snow.

It tastes really good after a long run.

But it makes my tongue cold, and  sometimes my tongue  gets stuck. And then...

BRAIN FREEZE! Man, my head got really cold!

After Gus got his brain defrosted we went back down to the river and took some river and dam pictures.

I took the three above a couple of weeks ago.  The first is at our diversion dam for irrigation and the next two are across and up stream.

Next are the photos I took yesterday.  It's a pretty sorry looking river right now.

It has been very warm and dry this winter.  

The snow pack doesn't look very good in the mountains.

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  1. Boy, it doesn't! This water stuff sure is scary! Love the photos of Gus!!!