Friday, January 25, 2013

We'z Baaad

We even look baaad!

You were very bad sheep.   One more stunt like that and you'll have your pictures hanging in the post office under the Most Wanted heading.

The sheep staged another escape.  Over the cattle guard.  And this time they took Rosie the Llama with them.  Very bad.  The sheep will sheepishly return if I yell at them and step outside the gate with Gus.  Rosie---not so much.  So, after convincing Rosie that she needed to return, everyone got shut in the corral.  For SEVERAL days.  This is their first day out.  

Those 2 black faces, one on the right and one on the left, are one half for Elliot's Bad Boy Gang and they are the ring leaders.  Miss Helen, second from the right, says, "but he said it was ok and we wouldn't get caught!".  Miss Agnus tells me that she was just following along because those boys pulled the wool over her eyes.

They are watching Rosie head for the west pasture.  They can't go there.  They're afraid to go down the hill.  Apparently goblins live at the very bottom of the hill.  I haven't seen them, but what do I know.

Robert is really wishing that his Rosie would come back.  He doesn't want to go either.  But he has an excuse.  It was gruesome. 

I think that's a smirk on Tessy's face.   Baaaad sheep!


  1. *hee-hee*

    Thanks for the good morning chuckle.

    The *do* look baaaaaad, don't they? lol

    Have a Sheepy Day!

    The Goat Borrower

  2. Oh my! They DO look like a band of hoodlums :-D

  3. Rosie has a mind of her own, that is for sure. I love the smiles on those wooly faces!