Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Before The Storm

The wind blew like crazy yesterday.  It blew my glasses right off my face.  It also

blew Missing Miss Rosie home.  She was still here this morning and got penned with the sheep and horse.

The sky this morning was pretty good.  It's a pre-storm sunrise.

You can see the Magpie house and it's front door in this next one.

The weather service thinks we might get 5 - 10 inches of snow in the next couple of days.  Glad I went to Billings today!


  1. We had a really red sunrise this AM we've got a couple of inches and it's still coming down and blowing too.

    Rosie...hmmmmmmm...another reason I've never had a llama ;~)

  2. Send some my way! Well, except the wind. You can keep that ;-).

  3. Winter storm heading into our area this afternoon...blowing in from Utah...said gusts up-to 60 mph....I hope that is only in the mountains and not right here.


    1. So far nothing is happening here. It's very still and mostly cloudy, but there are patches of blue.