Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We got 3 inches of snow out of the last storm.  When I left home yesterday morning everything was white.The wind blew.  A bunch.

When the wind blows like that, the instant that there is bare ground it blows too.

Foot prints, mine and a goose, on a drift.  This is a smaller drift.

A round 9 inches.

A little deeper here.  

I'm being watched.  They have been looking for grass.  Just in case....

If we do this right, mom will think we're looking for grass.  Like we don't know it's winter and there is no grass.  But check this out.  

We could just sort of stroll over it like we don't know it's there....
Forget it girls.  I see you and I'll get the Gus if you don't back up!

I really like white snow better than dirty snow.

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  1. It really does blow the soil doesn't it? Amazing really, as our dirt is all frozen to the ground. Your sheep are looking really good! Lots on nice wool come spring.