Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rambling Rosie Wanders

She is giving me grey hair!  Miss Rosie wandered off again, the first part of the week and this time has stayed away.  I looked for her Wednesday.  I looked for her Thursday.

With help from The Gus.

He looked, and looked some more.

Wait a sec Mom!  

I'm on it!

Here, Mom!  Right here!

Uh, Gus.  That is not looking much like a llama.

Mom!  Over here.  Hurry!  Mom!

In here!

Um, Gus.  I wonder if you might be on a mouse trail?

sigh.  a dog tries to help....

We did not find Rosie on Thursday.  There was no Rosie at breakfast time this morning, Saturday. 

We looked some more.  We checked the upper east pasture. We came down.  We looked by the river.  We thought we might be seeing a track.  Into the west meadow.  A shape with wiggly ears on the far side of the trees.

munch, munch.  hmmmmm.  

Rosie.  Look at you!  You are a mess!  There are leaves all over you.   What's on earth....

Tree leaf camo. mmhhmm.  Makes me invisible.  Horse can't find me.
Rosie, we are going to have to brush all that junk out of your coat eventually.

Hrmmmrm!  Catch me if you can! Hmmmmham.

I have one Milk Bone llama cookie in my pocket.  She comes right over, eager for a treat.  Snatches the cookie from my fingers and..

turns her back on me!  Something about a really tasty bit of leaf over there..

And here I've been thinking she had become a midnight snack for a bunch of rowdy, flea bitten, bad mannered coyotes!

No, last I looked she wasn't home.  sigh.


  1. Replies
    1. She is odd. Not at all like the previous llama.

  2. Maybe she needs another llama for protection ..... or you need more milk bones to get her home.

  3. She would make me a tad nervous also. Although I have heard they can hold their own, but a pack of coyotes....hummmmmmmmmm I don't know.

    Also, just a thought, is she in heat?


    1. That's a good thought. I don't think so. But I'll do some checking. I just saw her in the west meadow so I know that she is still upright.