Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

On the day before New Year

I got rail road cars and a shinning Lewis.  
The cars are still here this evening and may be here for days.  I don't mind.  I like trains.

And Gus played with one of his cats.
And we had dinner (lunch) with lots of people in Billings and had a wonderful afternoon.

I went to bed.  Early.


Lewis helped me wait for the sun to come up...

which it did

quit nicely.  It's a good omen to have sun first thing on the first day of the year.

There is snow in the Snowy Mountains and pink clouds above.

Miss Rosie the Llama went on a little walk about two days ago.  Robert the horse just pitched a fit.  He wanted his llama...now!  Not that it did any good because she didn't show up until....

this morning.  I have no idea why this photo is so grainy.  Nor do I know why Miss Rosie is sort of messy looking.  She is not talking.  Robert is just glad that she is back.  He could have gone with her.  I think she promised to spit on him if he did.  Robert is not fond of llama spit.

When Dan got here this morning

we fed the cows then came in and had coffee while the dogs had breakfast.  Gus left some.

Miss Max went into his crate and finished it for him.  Good Gus.  It's good to share and not growl or snap.

We went to Billings to have dinner with Dan's sister, Jean and her husband, Howard.

Jean has a lap full 

of Sissy.  Sissy is a very fine cat who started out as  a barn kitten here.

Sissy thinks she's pretty fine too.

Happy New Year.
Thank you all for reading and for commenting!


  1. I don't know how you get any work done! I'd just stand there and watch the colours change on the mountains. Beautiful!

    1. Sometimes I do just stand and watch. But then someone says "blaaat"!

  2. If it's a good omen to have sun first thing on New Year's day, I hate to think what might be coming my way this year:) Lovely photos. Happy New Year.

    1. Not to worry. You'll have plenty of water this year!

  3. I really enjoy your blog :-). Good photos, good critters, good stories!

  4. What an enjoyable post. Amazing Photos of the sky and lots of great animal quips! Thanks for the smile!

  5. Your sky was delightful! It's nice to see sun, and colorful winter sun is always very nice!