Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Morning After

What a change from yesterday morning.  We had fog this morning but the sun was poking through.

First touching on just a few spots.  This is NNE.

Then shattering enough of a hole in the fog to light up the trees in the NW....

but not enough to hit the rims,

Before bouncing off the rims to the SW.

Then back to the North where it really went to work burning under the fog.

I rode to Billings with Dan this morning.  We were on shining, slippery ice to Broadview, then wet roads with patches of fog wafting about until we got to Billings.  

Where the sky was blue..

and there was no snow.


  1. EXCELLENT!!! Outstanding post! I love the sun on the trees and the color of the light!


  2. I love how the fog puts a layer of frosting on everything. Lovely images.