Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cookie? I Don't See Any Cookie

I over slept this morning.  It's the fault of the sun.  Well, maybe the clouds.  The sun never made a showing.  Morning just sort of oozed in with no fanfare what so ever.  It was just dark and then not so dark.  I need light to wake up!

When I first stepped out this morning it was like a cool, wet spring day.  Very overcast, not really cold, and the air was wet.  Snow started soon after.  No complaints.  It's nice wet snow.  We went out and trained played.

Cookie?  I don't see any cookie.

I still don't see any cookie.

Ok Gus.  As long as you don't see it, you may have it.

Then he had to stay on the 4-wheeler.  But

Mom!  I hear them!  Those dogs--the ones that sing!

Yes.  I hear them too.  But not close.  It's ok

They are way over there.

Way back in the hills.

Not even under the sagebrush.

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