Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rose Checks Thing Out

Rosie likes to get right in the middle of things

R:  Hey lady!  Mom!  Are you in there?
Yes Rosie.  I'm "in" here.

R:  What are you doing?  You have Cookies?

No Rosie.  No cookies.  I'm taking pictures.  Of sheep.  But your big pretty face is in the way.

R: You gave all the cookies to Horse!  You shouldn't give Horse any cookies.  He's bad.

Rosie!  That's not nice.  Robert is not bad!  And Rosie, I'm not liking the tone of your lips voice.  Fix those lips!

R:  He is bad.  I saw him push Agnus through the fence the other day!

Rosie, that's not true and you know it.  Robert wasn't even in the pen when Agnus stuck her head through the knot hole in the fence.  

Robert:  Thanks Mom.  You tell her.  I've got you covered!

Covered.  Well yes Robert.  It does appear that you have me covered.  Um ... but if your chin is directly over my head, well, maybe you're a little too close?  Maybe?  I mean, what if you sneezed and fell down?  I'd be a little grease spot holding a flat camera!  Could you back up just a bit?

Robert:  Sure Mom.  I'll just go fall on that dog instead! Hee hee.  

And leave Gus alone!

Robert: mutter, mutter.   

R:  Hey Horse!  Want some help with that dog?

I'll keep an eye on him for you.  Bet I can scare him too.  Watch.
Rosie, I don't think that yawning at The Gus will scare him.  
Nice teeth, by the way.

I'd look embarrassed too, Rosie.

R:  I'm pals with Horse now.

Robert:  darn cookie hogging, slime spitting, ball of fluff....mutter, mutter.

Rosie:  wonder if I can maybe stomp some cookies out of Dog....
Naw.  Better not.  Mom!  Cookies! You do have cookies?

 All gone Rosie. You ate them all.  More cookies tomorrow.  Only if you leave Gus alone!


  1. She is so cute. So nice to see you can have all these animals together.

  2. Thanks for reading Helen. I just found your blog. Where are you?

  3. What a cute Llama. Do you spin her wool! Wish I were there to feed all them some cookies!