Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July

I've been sitting here, in front of the computer, looking out the east window, watching the sun come up and soaking up caffeine.  It's sunny and breezy right now but with a possibility of heavy rain later in the day.  It rained just enough yesterday to put off baling so I'm hoping that I can get some done before anymore rain.

I got a few bales done on the 3rd and took photos on the fourth.  I use a small round baler that belongs to My Guy.  In a way I miss small squares, but this is more efficient, and easier for him if I have to be away.

My neighbor makes large round bales and uses net wrap instead of twin.  His hay looks really good this year!

This is my smallest, and best field.  There are 4 bales in this photo and I have a long way to go.  Last year I got a total of 4 for all the fields!  Much better this year!

The Gus helps with haying.  Here he is checking the hay barley.  It's getting tall and will be ready to cut soon.

We went to Harlowtown to watch the parade and visit with friends.  

There were some nice old cars and trucks.

This was my favorite.  The story I heard was that these guys belong to a local ranch, but that they are Kentucky bred.  Stunning, large mules!  I want one.  

The Gus is out having the zoomies and can't come in to add to the blog.  He'll be here next time.


  1. Love old cars and small towns. Great Movie theater, not a big Mega Complex. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I love the buildings along the main streets of little towns. They have so much character. If I had to live in town, it would have to be a small town. Very small.

  2. Yes, those are very handsome mules!

  3. I love the old cars and the mules. But best of all I love seeing your ton bales ready to haul in!!